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18 May 2021 at 16:09

“COVID vaccine and genetic thunder nobody is listening to

by Jon Rappoport

May 18, 2021

I’ve written about this before, and I’m sure I’ll write about it again.

We’re told that the RNA COVID vaccines force the cells of the body to produce a foreign “spike” protein.

There is a little thing you may have heard of called EVIDENCE.

In other words, show me a well-done study, using a few thousand people who have been vaccinated, which proves that all these people’s cells ARE producing that foreign protein and ONLY that foreign protein.

There isn’t such a study.

But if there were—

“Look, a few hundred people didn’t produce the spike protein at all. Wonder what they DID produce.”

“I see a hundred people out of two thousand who produced a huge excess of the spike protein. Wonder what effect THAT is having.”

“I see two hundred people who produced the spike protein plus a bunch of other foreign proteins. A few of those foreign compounds I’ve never seen before. That’s not good at all.”

In fact, show me a large-scale study in which an injection is designed to force the human body to produce ANY specific protein. Let’s see the results.

Can’t find that study, either?

Believing what genetic researchers tell you is like believing what a grifter tells you about how to win at roulette.

For example, are you aware that, after decades of genetic research and tens of thousands of studies linking genes to diseases, there isn’t a single gene-treatment that can cure a disease across the board?

What there is, is a great deal of money that hustlers have raised for bio-tech firms. And there are many sky-blue promises.

And oh yes, there are many examples of errors, in which experimental gene insertions yield unexpected results. Unintended and dangerous results. Unpredicted alterations in genomes.

So the huge numbers of reported injuries and deaths from the COVID RNA vaccines are surely the result of more than just the production of the spike protein.

Why is nobody talking about this?

Because people assume the problem must be the spike protein and only that protein.

The people of planet Earth are part of a guinea-pig vaccine experiment that is much wider than that. We are being subjected to an open-ended genetic spin of the roulette wheel.

And there are no safeguards and no comprehensive follow-ups.

For this reason alone, the entire effort to develop the RNA injections should have been banned from the beginning—until researchers demonstrated convincingly that the risks would be minimal. Of course, they couldn’t make that guarantee.

But the fatuously named Warp Speed program rocketed ahead. Based on pretentious and speculative “science.”

People tend to think—because they watch sci-fi movies—that scientific evil doers are firing a perfectly destructive single arrow at the heart of humanity. But evil-doers are quite capable of launching a thunderstorm of multiple pyrotechnics beyond their control.

As I pointed out in prior articles on this subject, the analogous area of GMO plant genetics is replete with uncontrolled effects—including gene drift, in which injected Monsanto genes move from plants into soil bacteria and human gut bacteria.

Genetic ripple-effects throughout an organism can force the unnatural production of a number of different proteins while modifying others.

This is NOT good; and some of the ways in which it is not good are unknown.

Based on the current level of knowledge in the field of gene-research, the entire program of manufacturing and injecting RNA into the body is an insane criminal enterprise.

As time passes, I expect investigators to discover new ways in which these RNA shots are harming people. And some of those investigators will say, “THIS turns out to be what the vaccine is doing. THIS one thing.” And they’ll be wrong.

It’s five, ten, 20 different things. Caused by ripple effects throughout the genome.”


“They stopped the animal testing because the animals were dying.
#humanGuineaPigs #ExperimentationOnMan”

Report: COVID Vaccine adverse effects, huge numbers

Hugo de Jonge beweert dat cijfers goede kant opgaan dankzij vaccinatie. Dit is natuurlijk pure propaganda.

Gevaccineerde mensen testen te vaak positief. Dus worden geruisloos de richtlijnen voor de PCR-test ‘aangepast’.

Zorgen over wijziging wetsvoorstel: ‘Hugo de Jonge wil ons medisch geheim afschaffen’

Nota van wijziging wetsvoorstel wijziging Wet op het bevolkingsonderzoek

Survey: Will employees be required to get the COVID-19 vaccination?

Er klopt iets niet met de RIVM vaccinatiedatabase

Het mRNA ‘vaccin’ zou wel eens voor onvruchtbaarheid kunnen zorgen.

Wanneer je dit combineert met het fanatisme waarmee ze nu op kinderen jagen, dan kon het doel best zijn dat ze ervoor willen zorgen dat onze kinderen straks geen kinderen meer kunnen krijgen, waardoor de bevolking als vanzelf verdwijnt.

Wie weet gaan ze straks weer speciale fokprogramma’s opzetten om te bepalen wie nog wel kinderen mogen krijgen, net zoals ze dat in die goede oude tijd deden.

Als ouders weigeren om hun kind te laten vaccineren (tegen corona) dan komt de politie op bezoek en wordt het kind weggehaald. Het wordt dan naar een centrum van de overheid gebracht en daar alsnog gevaccineerd. De jeugd is per slot de toekomst.

Geen vaccinatie, kinderen weg gehaald

Wat wordt verkocht als de wegenkaart naar de vrijheid in feite precies het omgekeerde is. Het is een wegenkaart naar totale slavernij.

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